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MappingMaster Channel Manager: Maximize your occupancy rate and revenue.

MappingMaster is a Channel Manager for apartments, hotels, hostels, guest houses and villas. It is a web-based reservations solution, cloud based and easy-to-use. It synchronizes rates, availabilities and operational data, between your property and hundreds of online bookings websites, GDS and your website.

Extra visibility

Gain extra visibility on the world’s top booking sites for your property and hotel. Be found by more guests!

Direct bookings

Drive direct bookings via your hotel website. Pay zero commission!

Maximize occupancy and revenue

Maximize occupancy levels and revenue by having the data in one central place. One login

Automated synchronization

Replace manual entries on several booking sites, with the help of one main system that synchronizes automatically, while you run your hotel business.

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MappingMaster ChannelManager

The MappingMaster ChannelManager is a channel management system that users without any special prior knowledge can use intuitively. The cloud-based system allows management processes to be carried out with ease and data always kept up to date.

The user-friendly system gives complete visibility over all booking portals, which can lead to a substantial increase in occupancy rates and revenue growth.

MappingMaster MasterBookings

MasterBookings is a booking engine, also called booking button or bookings mask. MasterBookings enables commission-free sales, reservations and bookings to be made directly on your website. Masterbookings is mobile responsive, user friendly and conversion focused.

Guests will use the calendar and date-search functions to book their room. The booking process is made easy thanks to the individually configurable booking button. MasterBookings is easily installed onto your existing website to increase your direct booking revenue.


Distribution channels / Booking websites

Distribution channels, also referred to as internet distribution channels (IDS), online travel agencies(OTA) or simply saying online booking websites. IDS is distribution via 3rd party websites, it includes, travel portals, travel and meta search engines 7 directories, online hotel consolidators.

Property management systems (PMS)

Connect your property management system or central reservations system for free, with no extra interface costs. Direct real-time synchronization of prices, availabilities, and minimum stays. Zero delays and no overbookings.

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